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September 29 2013

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September 12 2013

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September 10 2013






is that Ryan Gosling in the bottom corner just completely in sync with n’sync….


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Rowling wrote Hermione to eschew stereotypes. She doesn’t end up with the hero; she is never there to function as Harry’s love interest. She prefers Arithmancy to Divination in school. Hermione is also a total badass, despite her prim and proper reputation. (…) So often, female characters are allowed to be aggressive or rebellious, but in exchange are stripped of any traditionally feminine qualities and instead are forced to pick up traditionally masculine traits. However, Hermione is never made to do that. Most notably, she is written to be highly logical and emotionally expressive, a combination not commonly afforded to most of today’s leading ladies.(x)

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And they go on to tell us that girls suck at science and math. Fuck you misogyny.

what the fuck

also who discovered DNA

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" Hi Guys " 
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September 02 2013

Submitted by pollytipsy100
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